13 Reasons Why

Some friends and I sat down for an hour and had a discussion about the recently released Netflix series, have a listen but be wary of spoilers, as well as sensitive topics including suicide and sexual assault.


I suppose I should specify a few things about my feelings on the show.

As I said, just as TV show, it’s perfectly acceptably made. Cast members give strong performances and the story is very engaging and tragic.

My main issue with this series is that its message is muddy and unclear to me and the characters are stereotypical in a lot of ways. When it comes to issues such as the ones this show tries to tackle, I think these flaws are unacceptable.

I say it during the discussion and I will say it again, I would prefer a show not be made than for a show to be made that handles these topics as poorly as 13 Reasons Why does in my eyes.

The other issue I have is the bleak view of people that this show gives. There are no redeemable characters in this show. Not a single one. Everyone contributes to Hannah’s suffering knowingly or not. Clay commits the same violating act against Tyler that Tyler himself commits on Hannah. Which solves nothing and only perpetuates the cycle of abuse.

I might write more about this series if it stays on my thoughts but for now, take a listen to the discussion we had, I think it’s a good one.


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