Lovers In The Lifeboat

“You would make a good husband.”  Her words came as soft as kitten’s purr, I only shook my head and smirked at her declaration. “I don’t know about that.” I had never been great with children, I had never been great at showing affection, the minefield of my mind did not lend itself to that kind […]

Preliminary Observations of the Heart, Mind, and Soul.

Introspection has identified at least three aspects present within the vessel of my body. These three would be: The Mind, Heart, and Soul. These three have different domains and different actions. The interplay between the three of them forms what I would call the Self. The Mind is the easiest for me to describe due […]

The Parrot

The list of my crew was somewhat incomplete. I had a First Mate, two Boatswains three Deckhands, that much was true. But there also a rather obnoxious Parrot who had found its way onto my ship at some point or another. I admit that I did not notice its arrival until it was already stubbornly […]

Cracks in The Crow’s Nest

We passed through the storm relatively easily. My crew and I held fast and things seemed to calm. I decided to spend some time up in the crow’s nest, taking in the view of the endless blue sea. The wind breezing smoothly across my face as I sat atop the world. I looked down at […]