Afflictions of the Soul and Their Cures

In my life, I have noticed three negative afflictions that have plagued what I would identify as my Soul. What follows is a description of these effects, as well as the curative processes I underwent for them. The Ghost Effect The Ghost Effect is the first of these three effects that I noticed, as well […]

Cracks in The Crow’s Nest

We passed through the storm relatively easily. My crew and I held fast and things seemed to calm. I decided to spend some time up in the crow’s nest, taking in the view of the endless blue sea. The wind breezing smoothly across my face as I sat atop the world. I looked down at […]

My Devil

I met my Devil three months after first leaving home to attend college. She and I stuck together for nearly the next three years, up until about two weeks before it was time for me to return home. I call her my Devil because she was just that, devilish, devious, daring, delightful. She was not […]