The Ship Sails On

I was laid out on large piece of driftwood, facing downward with my eyes closed. A chunk of wood had been lodged into my gut, a ball of lead shot into me, and someone had left a cutlass embedded in my shoulder. But what irritated me most was the way my leg was bent, it […]

Preliminary Observations of the Heart, Mind, and Soul.

Introspection has identified at least three aspects present within the vessel of my body. These three would be: The Mind, Heart, and Soul. These three have different domains and different actions. The interplay between the three of them forms what I would call the Self. The Mind is the easiest for me to describe due […]

My Devil

I met my Devil three months after first leaving home to attend college. She and I stuck together for nearly the next three years, up until about two weeks before it was time for me to return home. I call her my Devil because she was just that, devilish, devious, daring, delightful. She was not […]